Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amazing Audio Search Accruacy Achieved

OK, this is really a back-post. During our tests back in February, our system achieved amazing search accuracy: with three words search, we had 93% search accuracy. Note, this also means proper search ranking: target result is within the top three search results.

Like any other search engines, the more words used in search, the better job we do. Our five words search accuracy was at whopping 97%.

If you are interesting in the details of these tests, feel free to give me a shout.

Dreadful IE/FF compatability issues

During the past two weeks, Xenia, our head of web marketing, has rolled out a nice look for the landing pages for both nexiwave and SearchMyMeetings. Not sure if you noticed, we hit a IE/FF compatability problem. Even though all pages looks quite find in FF, they looked quite bad in IE, especially the images.

As usual, the problem is yet again the CSS Selector support in IE. Dreamweaver, which Xenia was using, used "header-link>IMG", which FF happily complies, but IE just ignores it.

The fix was simple enough: replace the > with a space. Problem solved.

Monday, April 26, 2010

ant junit task: when forking, clonevm and dir don't co-play nicely

While writing the site monitor code, I decided to pass some control variables to the test cases using java system properties. I edited the ant junit task and set clonevm="true".

Apparently, this broke the dir property that was also passing into the junit tests. I noted (after many hours of wondering "heh, it was working before") that the "dir" will not take effect if you set clonevm to true. It seems clonevm also clones the current directory property.

It might be a good idea for junit task to still honour the dir property even if clonevm is true.

First blog

ok, so this blog is for the tech people from nexiwave. I hope that we can dump some of the interesting findings into this blog and hope it can benefit for the greater good:0.